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Викторина по английскому языку "Great Britain"

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Чикризова Кристина Андреевна
Учитель английского языка
Quiz “Great Britain”
Придумать название команды.
Think of the name of your team, please. (Tourists/Explorers/…)

I Facts about Great Britain
Choose the right answer

a) Great Britain includes:
England, Scotland, Wales
Wales, Northern Ireland, England
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
b) The capital city is:

c) The flag is called:
Stars and stripes
The Union Jack
The Crossed One

d) The flag is:
Red, white and green
Red, white and yellow
White, blue and red

e) The symbol of England is:
A rose
A leek
A thistle
f) The symbol of Wales is:
A rose
A leek
A thistle

g) The symbol of Scotland is:
A rose
A leek
A thistle
II School system
Read these sentences. Choose the right idea from the given.
1 In England you start school when you are______________and you go to______________.
1) six or seven 4) kindergarten
2) five 5) primary school
3) four 6) junior secondary school
2 You go to a ______________when you are eleven years old.
1) primary school
2) secondary school
3) senior secondary school
3 In Britain you can leave school when ___________________.
1) you are eighteen
2) you are fourteen
3) you are sixteen
4 Children in Great Britain study lots of interesting subjects. Guess what they are.
pucomter diesstu – computer studies
mistryche – chemistry
ritousm – tourism
gratophophy – photography
chFenr – French
III Adjectives
Read these sentences. Find adjectives, write them in the correct column. Translate adjectives into Russian.
1 For many students in Bristol the quickest way to get to school is by bicycle.
2 Riding a bicycle is not very enjoyable when it rains and when it’s cold.
3 If you go to school by bicycle, it’s quicker and you enjoy the journey more.
Positive degree Comparative degree Superlative degree Russian translation
many More the most многие
quicker the quickest быстрый
enjoyable more enjoyable the most enjoyable приятный
cold colder the coldest холодный

IV Transport System
Read this text about London transportation system. Fill in the gaps with numerals from the box.
1. The population of London is over ___8___ million people.
2. ____200___ years ago most people there got around on foot.
3. In _____1900____almost every vehicle in London was horse-drawn.
4. ____15___ years later horse buses and horse trams disappeared.
5. The black cab and the red double deck bus were still on the streets of London at the start of the ____ 21st ___ century.
6. The London Underground carries more than _____3 million ________ passengers a day.
7. Nearly _____5 per cent ______ of Londoners use public transport now.
5 per cent, 8, 1900, 3 million, 21st, 200, 15

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